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Animal studies by Edwin Henry Landseer, R.A. (London 1802-1873)

Destiny is a fickle bitch.


At the Temple of Horus (via courth)

Actually, to tell you the whole truth, Mother says that most people speak rubbish, and it’s not worth it to listen.

Stoker (2013)



Pyrrharctia isabella - the Isabella Tiger Moth


Alan Cumming hung out backstage to share his story about a super awkward audition with a very famous director…


Hannibal Art Meme

Ciarán Murphy (Irish, b. 1978)

Born in Ireland in 1978 Ciarán Murphy’s current body of work takes the form of both large and small oil paintings as well as watercolours. […] By limiting our access to familiar visual cues and by carefully selecting what is depicted the work registers a strong evocation of absence. They might be described as liminal spaces, capturing the paradox of a physical presence as absence.

The uncanny juxtaposition of places and perpetual dislocation ensures that the viewer can never institute any prospect of having ‘arrived’ or feeling ‘at home’. Although the scenes depicted have the contours of familiar things, they are ultimately ambiguous, sliding towards the foreign and unknowable.
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