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And on my way out I passed a nude Alan Cumming on a chaise lounge being photographed for our BCEFA Calendar coming to you this fall!


Siberian Lynx - Utah’s Hogle Zoo [x]


The Fatal Wounds of King Richard III (Infographic)

A study of King Richard III’s bones uncovered 11 injuries inflicted near the time of death by common Late Medieval weapons. Although the king was wearing armor in battle, the head injuries are consistent with his helmet having been lost or removed. A pelvis injury was likely inflicted after death.

Four of the wounds to the face, skull and ribs were likely due to dagger stabs. Another, likely fatal, wound to the rear of the skull, was likely due to a sword strike. The largest wound to the head, penetrating deep into the brain, likely came from either a sword or the spike atop a halberd.

(For more detail, see LiveScience.)

You lie and kill in the service of liars and killers.


burberry prorsum ss15

Alan Cumming and Kaleigh Cronin in Money from Cabaret

Season 2 deleted scene.


The Pacific lamprey, Entosphenus tridentatus.

The Pacific lamprey is an eel-like fish that lacks jaws and paired fins. Their mouth is round and can have 3 large teeth which help them attach to fish and other organisms, getting nutrients from their blood. In their larval stage, lampreys are called ammocoetes. During this stage they burrow into the silt and feed by filtering their food from the water. Instead of having gills like most fish, lampreys have breathing holes along their bodies. Their long slender bodies can reach up to 31 inches.  Their coloration in freshwater is mostly brown and can be greenish grey in the ocean.

In the past you could find lampreys  common along the West Coast of the United States. Throughout the years, the population of these unique organisms has declined. Some of the common threats to the Pacific lamprey are:

  1. Water diversion, which obstructs upstream migration
  2. Chemical spills
  3. Temperature change, which can cause deformation and death of eggs and ammocoetes
  4. Ocean water quality can decrease the number of fishes, which in turn means fewer hosts for adult lampreys
  5. Non native species predation
  6. Human use for harvesting to use as a bait fish.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services have created the Pacific Lamprey Conservation Initiative to help improve the status of this species  by implementing research and conservation actions.


Just when you thought you’d seen everything there was to see Inception-wise… Some never before seen props in the top photo created for Inception by design agency Unit 7b — Dom Cobb’s passport, and Robert Fischer’s UK visa page and NY/NSW driver licenses. They never made it into the film, but Robert Fischer’s passport page in the second photo, also created by Unit 7b, appeared briefly at the start of the Sydney to LA flight.

Happy 41st Birthday Robert Michael Fischer! (b. September 17, 1973)